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2 year update

2010-10-05 20:12:46 by Brown-Acid


Man ..Vapour was a long movie to make. Im really glad its over now and are somewhat happy with the response from this site.

Ive still got a lot of projects n stuff i have to finish including much artwork. keep an eye on this link.

Vapour's probably my last attempt at making a non flash animation in flash. Im tired of flash crashing and not responding well to things i do. Plus after 4 years its time to move on, i still need a lightbox though

I probably go back to animation trials so go to that link above.


2008-10-27 22:26:18 by Brown-Acid

Hands up who saw Machine Head and Slipknot in Melbourne yesterday......FUCK YEAH

Settra blue

2008-09-25 20:46:35 by Brown-Acid

Ima so glad Rage of Settra is out check it out im gunna go underground now..........ill post future stuff later when i can be fucked

If your intereseted in the second part of settra talk to Draack-Lord-Of-War.....cos ima not releasing it

cya and till then

cbf posting a pic......its too early

Happy New Year Newgrounds!

2007-12-31 09:27:02 by Brown-Acid

Hey Hey its Brown Acid wishing everybody a happy new year!

It's been a hell of a year for me with Victimise, Brown Acid and Crypt

In 2008 a new movie is in production, 'Rise of Settra'. I'll finally get my tablet this year so it should be bigger, better and more fun to make then anything ive ever done before.

But that wont be for a while

So Happy New Year for 2008 and enjoy the rest of your holidays everybody!!

Happy New Year Newgrounds!

My last animation ever

2007-10-31 05:12:10 by Brown-Acid

Well i just released Crypt to the flash portal it isn't as good as Brown Acid but i felt it was a must to contribute to a Newgrounds special event.

Crypt is the last animation im ever going to make with a mouse. Prepare for a different style when i finally get my tablet so i can draw and finally do frame by frame.
When your body is abused with caffeine you just cant draw with the mouse frame by frame. I'm a lot better with a pencil so i can do fbf.

Anyway this maybe the last animation i do for 2007 unless i make a Christmas flash unless i get my arse kicked again for not finishing a script....Fuck it all....

I don't really care what people think of Crypt as i only did it in a few days....rushed....but hope you enjoy it all the same.

Also watch Victimise and Brown Acid if your up for it my other movies

This is a picture i thought of when watching my friends movie...He'll probably kill me...but i don't care
Check out Sloth to understand it

Don't forgot Crypt

Happy Halloween!!!!

My last animation ever

God im tired.

Check out my awesome new movie on drugs.

I had a lot more planned to write but now i forget it all

This is a breakthrough in animating for me
I also have many plans in the future for new projects
Including a warhammer based animation, a sprite series and i plan on making more Victimise's (of cause with better graphics.

Thanks for you time....

BROWN ACID 3/4 of a year work completed